7th European Congress for People with Special Needs
31st May – 3rd June 2018 in Belgrade / Serbia
“A Man Is Angel To A Man”

Almost twenty years have gone by since the first congress “Living in the Encounter” took place. The impulse brought us all over Europe: from Berlin, Dornach, Prague, The Hague and Vienna, all the way to Brussels. The congress will take place for the seventh and the last time as a European Congress in Belgrade, the central hub of the Southeast Europe in 2018. Before 1998 people with disabilities had hardly any chance to travel to a major congress in another country. Now they can even meet at the First World Congress in Russia. The Congresses have grown and in some regions developed into strong movements.

At the first congress in Berlin focus was more on our own life situation. Later interpersonal relationships became more and more important. The gathering in Belgrade will take a new dimension: a man is angel to a man! Disability changes into ability, for oneself and for others.

For the 20th anniversary we are headed to Serbia. It is a good place to close these congresses in an unforgettable way. Belgrade, the “White City”, also experienced painful times recently. These wounds are still visible. In contrast, “Living in the encounter” is a guideline to how peace and cooperation can be achieved within and throughout Europe. Here people with disabilities are taking proactive social roles and are no longer only on the receiving end of support.

Belgrade is a lively city and very easy to be reached. The congress is taking place in a very comfortable and upstate city hotel, although significantly cheaper than in former times. More than 600 people will have the last opportunity to experience this unique congress. Together, we will learn about the country with its opulent history and, of course, about the people. The program foresees new arts, therefore an opera piece will be presented, as well as the one-of-a-kind Balkan party. Do not miss this last opportunity – come to Serbia! Belgrade is looking forward to welcoming you!

Thomas Kraus